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Building Effective Workplace Relationships

Our NEWEST program!

Virtual training NOW available!

Technical knowledge, expertise in your field, and hands-on experience are all key elements for long-term success. Together, they can take you far.

Building effective workplace relationships with others, however, can take you even farther.

Our newest workshop, Building Effective Workplace Relationships, focuses on four key elements necessary for positively productive business relationships: Civility, Communication, Rapport, and Emotional Intelligence. Here’s a quick look at the program.

Learn more about Building Effective Workplace Relationships.

Creating A Positive Customer Service Experience

Providing a positive customer service experience is not just about your external customer. It’s about anyone you interact with – your co-workers, supervisor, management, significant other, etc.

This course addresses four key areas:

  • Defining what customer CARE means
  • Customer CARE for each generation
  • Customer CARE in communication
  • Customer CARE in Difficult Situations

Learn more about Creating A Positive Customer Service Experience.