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Customer Service

Many of you have asked for a customer service program, and I listened to what you said you wanted. Creating a Positive Customer Service Experience includes many of the topics you requested. Here’s what’s covered in the workshop:

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  • Having a Customer CARE Attitude
    • What customer CARE means
    • Customer CARE for Each Generation
      • Understanding and meeting the expectations of four generations of customers
    • Customer CARE in Communication
      • Creating rapport and deepening the customer relationship
    • Customer CARE in Difficult Situations
      • Staying calm and professional when handling challenging situations and customers

Customer Loyalty Matters!

What a new customer spends with your company is worth less than their loyalty to you. Statistics show that loyal customers are worth 10 times as much as their first purchase! Customer loyalty means they not only buy more of your products and services, they tell their friends! Word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals are gold for a business.

According to experts, 70 percent of a customer’s perception of the buying experience is based on how they feel they have been treated, and a whooping 90 percent of unhappy customers will not do business with you again! Your long-term business success depends on every employee delivering a positive customer service experience and showing how much they CARE for each and every customer.

So what does customer CARE stand for?shutterstock_147498467

  • Courtesy—No matter how upset or angry the customer is, your employees must remain calm and courteous.
  • Accountable—Every employee’s job is delivering service whether the customer is external or internal. The entire company must have a culture of service.
  • Respect—Every customer is important and must be treated as if they were your only customer, regardless of how big—or how small—a customer they are.
  • Empathy—The ability to relate to the customer and honor where they are coming from helps establish rapport with that customer.

Customer CARE generates customer loyalty, which can serve your company for years. Never take customers for granted! Make sure every point of customer contact delivers customer CARE with Creating a Positive Customer Service Experience program.

Contact me to bring Creating a Positive Customer Service Experience to your organization! E-mail: or call (205) 907-5170.