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KS-2017Book Karen for exciting, results oriented, in-house training, presentations and keynote addresses!

Imagine hearing a speaker that transforms the way you work and immediately increases your productivity.

Now imagine your entire team energized, less stressed, doing more work in less time, resulting in increased morale, productivity and profits!

Karen Sladick is a premier expert in productivity and leadership training. For over 13 years, her training sessions, lunch ‘n learns, and keynote speeches have helped organizations work smarter, increase efficiencies, and save time.  She motivates, educates and entertains professionals to improve workplace productivity by providing practical tools that are easily implemented. Her Birmingham-based company, Organize 4 Results, provides time management and leadership workshops to help attendees achieve maximum results in less time.

With Karen, your organization is guaranteed a high energy, fun, and results driven presentation that will give the participant tools and techniques they can use immediately to increase their productivity and become more organized, productive, and focused.

Karen has taught over 5,000 people the secrets to being organized and productive. Presenting over 70 practical, high-energy keynotes and workshops each year, she has worked with some of the largest law firms, banks, hospitals, CPA firms, engineering, and health care companies in the South-East, providing customized solutions that address their unique challenges.

Karen is the author or co-author of Lead4Results, Leading 4 Generations, Bridging the Generation Gap, Writing and Managing E-mail, Success Skills for Life, and Incredible Business.

What Karen’s clients are saying:

Unique style…

  • Karen focuses solely on time management and leadership topics.
  • Her workshops and keynotes are high-energy and engaging.
  • She customizes her programs to meet your unique challenges.
  • Her extensive research and study in the mental and physical aspects of organization provide seminar participants with simple, specific, effective solutions to workplace stress.
  • Her workshops help participants ensure quality, productive work time; decrease productivity-killing stress and anxiety; improve their ability to follow through on projects and assignments; and recover quickly from interruptions.
  • Her passion in business is helping people learn how to change their habits and behaviors, making them more organized, focused and productive.
  • Karen practices what she preaches!

Karen’s was a perfect fit when we heard our employees say…

  • “I have too much to do and not enough hours in the day.”
  • “I can’t keep up with all my emails.”
  • “I am constantly getting interrupted and can never get anything done.”
  •  “How can I improve my ability to mentally focus and concentrate?”
  • “I need help prioritizing my work.”
  • “Managing multiple generations is a challenge.”
  • “We need to promote greater respect and teamwork among the generations.”
  • “I just don’t like to delegate.”
  • “I need training on how to give effective feedback.”
  • “How do I motivate my employees to perform better?”
  • “My e-mail inbox is out of control. Help!”

We’ve used Karen for all levels of staff.  She’s perfect for…

  • Professionals who feel overworked and overloaded.
  • Leaders who need to enhance their leadership skills.
  • Managers who need to improve team productivity.
  • Sales professionals who need help prioritizing their day.
  • Administrative professionals trying to keep their boss and every one else organized.
  • Anyone struggling with how to live a more balanced life.

Workshops and Topics…

  • GO System

The GO System stands for getting organized!  It is a 4 hour, fun, dynamic in-house course that teaches people how to get more organized, focused and productive. Its simple, easy to follow, step-by-step processes are completely customizable to meet your companies individual challenges and systems.You’ll learn about the 7 Key Issues that are PROVEN to significantly increase workplace productivity.

The GO System has been endorsed and approved for a variety of continuing education credits and continues to help people work smarter and get better results.

  • Lead4Results

Whether you are currently in a management or leadership role or are making the transition, Lead4Results 4 hour workshop will provide you with the practical skills to excel in your position. Topics include leveraging time, creating trust, creating empowerment and accountability, motivating your team and communicating expectations.In addition, you’ll learn how to use Karen’s innovative SOAR process for performance improvement.

  • Bridging the Generation Gap 

Clashes among generations are common and generally arise from conflicts in attitudes and preferences for work, management and leadership, communication and motivation. Now with 4 generations in the workplace, Bridging the Generation Gap3 hour workshop helps you understand where each generation “comes from” and how you can use generational differences to develop greater synergy, creativity and productivity in the workplace.

  •  Leading Multi-generation Teams

Right now, there are four generations in the workplace and the fifth generation is just around the corner.  Never before have managers needed to juggle such an age-diverse staff.  Advanced technologies have increased life spans, and fragile economies have required people to work longer.  Just as gender and ethnic diversity can lead to conflict and miscommunication, so can generational diversity.  On the other hand, if managed and led properly, a multi-generational team can develop greater creativity and productivity.  With this 3 hour workshop, you will gain the skills to lead more cohesive, effective teams and deliver quality customer service to your multi-generational customers.

  • Writing and Managing E-mail

This workshop helps you write e-mails that are promptly read and responded to as well as provides a system to get control of your in-box. Participants will get tools to understand what e-mail is and isn’t, learn how to write subject lines that get the e-mail opened, organize e-mails for quick response, respect e-mail etiquette, make requests appropriately, control tone, use a process to get completed e-mails out of their in-box easily and quickly, create rules to control incoming e-mails and follow up with pending e-mails

  • Creating a Positive Customer Service Experience 

What a new customer spends with your company is worth less than their loyalty to you. Statistics show that loyal customers are worth 10 times as much as their first purchase! Customer loyalty means they not only buy more of your products and services, they tell their friends! Word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals are gold for a business. This workshop helps you understand customer CARE – courtesy, accountability, respect and empathy.  Customer CARE generates customer loyalty, which can serve your company for years. Never take customers for granted! Make sure every point of customer contact delivers customer CARE by having your employees attend this workshop.

  •  Getting Results Through Influence and Persuasion

The ability to influence others is a key factor in how successful you are. Influential people change how people think and what they do by forging an emotional connection with them. But the most influential people don’t change behavior; they also shift mindset. For example, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak changed our mindset about the roles of personal computing in our lives, and George Lucas and Steven Spielberg shifted our mindset about what film could do.

This course gives you tools to gain more influence and be more persuasive on and off the job. It includes a formula for cultivating influence and persuasion, helps you motivate an audience, and improves your ability to communicate persuasively!

  • Developing 21st Century Leaders

The challenge? Preparing these younger generations for leadership roles. You must act now to develop them, so you will have talent ready to step up when you need them. My newest program, Developing 21st Century Leaders, will give you information, strategies, and tools you can use to build a leadership development program that works for your Gen Y and Gen Z populations.

  • Building Effective Workplace Relationships

Technical knowledge, expertise in your field, and hands-on experience are all key elements for long-term success. Together, they can take you far.

Building effective workplace relationships with others, however, can take you even farther.

Our newest workshop, Building Effective Workplace Relationships, focuses on four key elements necessary for positively productive business relationships: Civility, Communication, Rapport, and Emotional Intelligence.

Transform the way you work and immediately increase your productivity.

Contact Karen Sladick at (205) 907-5170 to learn how getting better results has never been easier. Build your success on a sound foundation of highly organized and productive people!