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Looking for CLE credit?

NEW 3-hour CLE Course Approved in:






Offered at:

Balch & Bingham

1901 Sixth Avenue North, Suite 1500

Birmingham, AL   35203

July 29th, from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Cost:  $179.00 (includes $65.00 worth of materials)

Learn to get organized with the GO System.

The GO System is a proven, step-by-step process that addresses practice management subject matter and teaches organizational habits and behaviors. The GO System emphasizes fulfilling the attorney’s ethical obligations toward clients and the courts, ensuring timely compliance with deadlines, prioritization of tasks, case/project management, and adequate preparation in advance of deadlines.

The GO System will also help attorneys realize the benefits of integrating these good habits into their daily lives, and the corresponding benefits of increased life balance, satisfaction at work, at play and at home; and of decreased stress, anger, resentment and unprofessional behavior in court, in the office, and in the home.

This solution-oriented seminar presents productivity enhancing techniques that are simple to understand, simple to implement and highly effective. The techniques and decision-making processes discussed are rational, practical and workable in the real world.

The course covers the six major issues that create chaos in our lives:

g Handling incoming items (paper, e-mails, voice mails)

g Prioritizing

g Using time rationally

g Managing projects

g Personality issues

g Psychological and Physiological issues

 The session provides specific techniques to:

g Improve focus, organization and productivity

g Decrease productivity-killing stress and anxiety

g Improve ability to follow up and follow through on assignments

g Improve ability to quickly recover from unexpected interruptions

g Get more done in less time

Reserve your spot at: 

Space is Limited!  Sign up Soon!