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Service Cycle Thinking

Think of everything your customers do to conduct business with you as a customer experience cycle.

Customers start interacting with you. Then they take steps toward satisfying their wants or needs. Hopefully, they eventually get closure related to their wants or needs. Maybe they want to purchase something, return something, ask about something, or yes…maybe they want to complain about something.

Use cycle thinking to determine how your customers “experience” your organization. Look at the steps your customers must take in the beginning, middle, and end of the cycle. What is the experience like for them?

Say, for example, a customer wants to buy something from you. What are their options at the beginning of the cycle? A phone call, an email, an online inquiry, walking into your physical location, etc.

Look at each of these options and see how you might improve the customer experience. Use the more-better-different-less approach when looking for areas of improvement: what can you do more of, what can you do better, what can you do different, what can you do less? When you finish improving the beginning, evaluate each subsequent step in the cycle of service. How can it be improved?

For those of you who have attended the GO System training course, the more-better-different-less approach should sound familiar.

Have a positively productive day!

Written by Chris Crouch, developer of the GO System training course.