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Successful Delegation

Do you have the ability to delegate but don’t?  To figure out how to delegate effectively, it’s important to understand why people don’t.  Quite simply, people don’t delegate because it takes a lot of up-front effort.  You know, the “I’ll just do it myself, it’s quicker” attitude. 

While on the surface it may seem easier to just “do it yourself”, there are two key reasons to delegate a task to some one else: 

  1. By delegating, you’re making better use of your time.
  2. By meaningfully involving other people in a task, the next time a similar task comes up, it can be done much easier with less involvement from you.   

Yes, it may take some time initially to delegate, but you’ll be saving yourself more time in the long run.  Knowing when to delegate is the key.

To determine when delegating is appropriate, ask yourself these three key questions: 

  1. Is this task something that I am required to do or can someone else do it?
  2. Will this task recur in the future?
  3. Will I take the time to delegate effectively?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then it could be well worth your time up-front to delegate.

Now that you have determined that a particular task can and should be delegated, how do you pick the right person to delegate to?

To determine who to delegate to, ask yourself these three key questions: 

  1. Does this task provide an opportunity to grow and develop the person’s skills to whom you are considering delegating to?
  2. What is this person’s current workload and do they have time?
  3. Does this task fit the persons preferred work style?

Remember, don’t delegate to the first breathing body you see and don’t delegate just to get a task off your desk and onto someone else’s.  To delegate effectively, choose the right tasks to delegate, identify the right person to delegate to and delegate effectively.

Have a productive week!