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Decision Points to Eliminate Piles of Paper

Do you have piles of paper at home or at work that are waiting for a moment when you have more time? If so, you’re not alone. With the fast pace of our lives, paperwork often gets left to be handled later.

Start first by reducing the volume of unnecessary paper you receive. See my recent blog, Eliminate Spam and Junk Mail for ideas.

When a piece of paper comes in, immediately decide if you should discard, delegate, take immediate action, file for reference, or file it for follow up.  Do not put the paper down somewhere to be handled a second time, make one of the above decisions.

If the paper requires action, ask yourself if it is time sensitive? If so, then use a tickler system that works for you. Remember to keep it simple!

Items that are not date sensitive but still require action should be dealt with weekly at a specified time. Put the time in your calendar as if it were an appointment.

Use these simple guidelines to cut down on the paper in your life and become positively productive!