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Make the Most of the Phone

Most people know you from your voice on the phone. While a phone conversation is a much warmer type of communication than email, make sure your phone “style” says what you want it to say. 

  • Make sure your voice sounds friendly by smiling when you answer the phone.
  • Speak clearly and pronounce every word precisely.
  • Speak slower than you would if you were meeting in person. It takes most people longer to process what they hear over the phone since they do not have your facial expressions and gestures to enhance understanding.
  • Use courteous and respectful language. No one has ever complained that someone was “too polite”!
  • Answer the phone with a greeting such as, “Good morning, XYZ Company, Carol Barnes speaking. How may I help you?” 

Make sure your voice mail message reflects you, your business and is working for you. 

  • Keep your voice mail greeting brief and update it, as necessary, so people know when you will return calls. For example, “You’ve reached Carol Barnes at XYZ Company. It’s August 22. I’m in meetings this morning and will return your call after 1 p.m. today. Please leave a detailed message and a number where I can reach you.”
  • Ask that the caller leave a detailed message.  That way when you return the call you are fully prepared and the call is productive.  This will also help eliminate the need for additional calls.
  • Do not record “cutesy” voice mail statements or greetings that sound unprofessional.

 Voicemail can be a very productive tool if you use it wisely.