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Slow Down Inorder to Speed Up!

In keeping with last weeks post, let’ take it one step further…

Have you ever heard the old saying “Failure to plan, is a plan for failure?”

or my all time favorite “Failure to plan on your part DOES NOT constitute an emergency on my part?”

Planning is the key to effectively managing your priorities.  Creating a “To do” lists is not planning, it’s just listing tasks you need to do but not necessarily in the order in which you should do them.  So as a result, that list is constantly scanned for things you feel like doing, not necessarily things you should be doing.

Planning is a process and it requires that you learn to slow down in order to speed up.  Many people get so caught up in the daily activities and deadlines that they feel there is no time to stop and plan. 

 Follow these simple steps for planning your day and see how much more productive you’ll be: 

  1. Take the last ten minutes of the business day and plan for tomorrow.  Do not leave the office before you have set your priorities for tomorrow.
  2. Set a default priority.  Ask yourself, “If nothing else happens tomorrow, what is the one thing that I need to accomplish?”
  3. When you arrive at work, remind yourself of your default priority before checking your email and voicemail. 
  4. Try and accomplish your default priority first thing in the morning.
  5. Schedule specific time to work on important projects and activities.
  6. When your day seems to get out of control, take 60 seconds to stop and reset your priorities.

 Good Luck!  Be more productive than ever before!