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Get Organized? Why?

Whether you personally plan to get better organized or you would like for your team to get better organized, the first step is answering the question, “Do you want to get organized?”

 There are many reasons for “wanting” to get more organized.  Let’s just focus on three:

  1. Customers – Due to the rapidly expanding number of options available in most businesses, it’s important that you provide a high level of customer service.  In order to remain competitive, you have to set yourself apart from your competition.  Would you spend your hard earned money with a business that employs a group of disorganized employees when you can find a group of organized people doing the same thing?
  2. Employees – The number one reason employees leave an organization is not the job or the company or the pay…it’s their boss.  The best way to get a group organized quickly is to provide them with a role model.  Help the boss get his or her act together and the benefits will flow downhill quickly.
  3. Profits – Disorganization runs off profits.  Disorganized employees confuse frantic motion with constructive action.  Think of the cost associated with wasted time and effort.  Getting organized is a bottom-line issue.

Don’t allow your customers, employees and profits to get lost in the shuffle and confusion of a disorganized, cluttered work environment.  End the frustrations of trying to lead and manage a group of overworked, overwhelmed and overloaded employees.  Provide them with the tools and resources and build the success of your business on a sound foundation of highly organized people!

As written by Chris Crouch, developer of the GO System.