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Back to School

Well, the summer is almost over and those school bells are going to start ringing!

I know, where did the summer go?  Back to school already?  Say good bye to the lazy mornings and carefree schedule. 

It’s always hard getting back into the school routine and if you start off the school year unorganized, it only gets worse.  Start off right by setting up some simple systems to make getting back into the routine easier on everyone.

Check this simple list each night before going to bed and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how smooth the morning will go: 

  1. Have clothes picked out for the next day.  If your children wear uniforms, make sure they are clean and ready to go.
  2. Make sure all back packs are ready and by the door before the kids go to bed.
  3. Make lunches and have snacks packed.
  4. If your kids play sports, have all sporting equipment gathered and ready for practice and/or games.
  5. Sign all paperwork and write checks for school activities.
  6. Check the calendar for any special events occurring the next day.
  7. Set the breakfast table.

The smoother the morning goes, the better your children will do at school.  Start them off right each morning by having an organized, structured morning.  Not only will they have a better day, you will too!

Help your children have a successful year by setting up a stress free routine.  The more organized you are, the more organized your children will be!

Working smarter doesn’t just apply at the office!