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Always Running Late?

I don’t know what it was about this past week, but it seemed like I was always waiting on someone.  Why do people run late? I really feel it boils down to one thing – not allowing your self enough time to get to your destination.

Now I understand if something happens beyond your control – an accident on the freeway, a flat tire, sick child at home.   These things happen.  But the one excuse I heard over and over again this past week was “I just couldn’t get out the door on time.  I always feel rushed in the morning”.  Well, when someone says that to me, I simply have to ask “Why?”

When that question was asked, all except for one person, there really wasn’t a legitimate excuse.  If you find yourself always running late and not able to get out of the house on time in the morning, here’s a few things you can do every night to make your morning less stressful:

  1. Set you alarm clock 15 minutes a head.
  2. Get the coffee pot ready.
  3. Set the breakfast table.
  4. Have your outfit ready to put on – do not wait to iron it in the morning.
  5. Make sure everything you need to take with you in the morning is waiting for you at the door you’ll exit your house from.  (keys, purse, wallet, snacks, briefcase, gym bag, etc.)
  6. Do the same with your kids.  Have backpacks, soccer gear, gymnastics clothes, lunch money, etc. sitting by the door.
  7. Put anything you can in your car.

By taking just a few simple steps the night before, not only will you get out of the house on time in the morning, but you’ll be a lot less stressed when you get to your point of destination.  And imagine how you’ll feel when you arrive a few minutes early!

Have a positively productive week!