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Instead of saying “No” try “No, not right now.”

“No” is a simple word, but it can be harder to say than any other word in your vocabulary. For many people, it is more important to be agreeable than to do what they really want. When someone makes a request, ask for time to think about it so you understand what is being asked and you can determine how time-consuming the task may be.

Instead of saying “No” try saying “No, not right now.”  Let the person know what you are working on and ask them to come back at a certain time.  When you do this, one of three things will happen: 

  1. They will come back.  That’s OK, because you told them to.
  2. They will find someone else to help them.
  3. They will have done it themselves – which could be the most important outcome.  Especially if they were asking you to help them with a task they should know how to do.

 Remember, if you let others control your time, they will.  Stay true to your tasks and be positively productive!