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City Among the Most Stressful

I was reading the Birmingham News on Tuesday, Sept 7 and there was an article in the Business Section titled “City Among the Most Stressful”.  I couldn’t believe it!  As I scanned the list I saw that our great city of Birmingham was ranked ninth.  It’s hard to imagine that we are in a list that consists of Detroit, New York and Los Angeles…and I have lived many years outside Detroit and Los Angeles.  I’ve only been to New York once, and I can see why they made the list.

Also included in the article was a list of the least stressful cities and Raleigh, NC was ranked fourth.  I lived there for six years prior to moving to Birmingham…and in my opinion, people there are much more stressed out than Birmingham. 

The results were based on a survey that considered factors including unemployment rates, living standards, crime and health risks.  I’m not sure if traffic made the survey, but Hwy 280 during rush hour is like riding in the express lane compared to most big cities.  And a lot less stressful! 

Interestingly enough, the subheading read “But 9th place doesn’t mean every resident feels worked up”.  Well, perhaps they should have just asked 1000 people everywhere they surveyed if they felt “stressed out”.  Sure, statistics play an important role in surveys, but people’s feelings are rarely taken into consideration.  Also, exactly what part of town did these people survey?  Was it over the phone or in person?  Hmmm!

I moved to Birmingham almost four years ago – from Raleigh – and I have to say it is the friendliest, most active, athletic and family oriented city I have ever lived in.  The people here are great!  What do you think?  Is Birmingham stressful?