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Top 10 Time Wasters

There are 10 issues that I consider to be huge time wasters in the work environment.  For the next 5 weeks I’ll feature 2 of them and give you suggestions for addressing these issues.

1.  Operating in a Crisis Mode

  • Implement a sound planning process.
  • Stop making new commitments and promises until you restore balance in your life.
  • Address the true cause(s) of the crisis rather than only addressing the symptoms.
  • Increase your knowledge and skill level related to the factors causing the crisis.
  • Shut down all nonessential activities until you have solved the crisis.

2.  Handling Phone Calls and E-mails

  • Stop taking any phone calls or paying attention to any e-mails for at least 20% of your workday.
  • Use only one voice mail system to capture messages from important people in your life.
  • Use only one e-mail system to capture messages from important people in your life.
  • Set up a separate e-mail address to use for filling out product applications, forms or other documents that may generate future junk mail.
  • Establish a process and develop the habit of keeping your voice mail and e-mail inboxes empty.

These are just 2 issues that might be putting limitations on your ability to become more focused, organized and productive.  I’ll post 2 more next week!

Taken from the GO System training course, written by Chris Crouch.

Have a positively productive week!


Network With Experts

Consider this scenario:  There are 2 people, doing the exact same job, yet one of them get’s the job done quicker.  Is that person smarter than the other?  No, not necessarily.  They have just figured out a more efficient way to do that same task.

Productivity is not about managing time.  Productivity involves accepting the fact that time is inflexible and focusing on ways to use time rationally.  One way to do this is by networking with experts in your field of interest.

Ok, how do you do this?  First, start with listing four basics in your field of expertise.  Now ask yourself, who are the experts related to those basics?  It could be someone you know, someone you work with or it could be someone who’s written a book on the topic.  Who would you seek out if you wanted to increase your knowledge?

I did this the other day.  I was struggling with one of my “basics” and decided to seek out an expert to help me through the process.  After just a one hour conversation, I had a game plan written down and I was on my way. The plan that we came up with would have probably taken me hours to develop on my own – and that’s assuming I would have come up with the same plan.

By networking with experts related to your basics in your field of interest, you’ll gain more knowledge, get more done in less time, and have more time to do the things you want to do.

Check out these 2 websites and let me know what you think:

Have fun with this process.  It truly is a great way to improve your productivity!

Ideas from the GO System training course.

Have a positively productive week!


Where did the time go?

Do you really truly know how you spend your day?  When talking to people who seem to be suffering from not having enough time, I ask them “How do you spend your time?”  All too often the reply I get is “I really don’t know, but I was busy all day”. 

To really understand how you spend your time, get out a piece of paper, put today’s date on it, and right down everything you did today.  Then starting tomorrow, for one week, write down everything you do, every day – including taking a break, going to lunch, getting a cup of coffee – and put the time spent next to each activity.  At the end of the week, look for patterns and see if you can eliminate one low value activity – checking email but not doing anything with it – and replace it next week with a high value activity – starting a project that you’ve been procrastinating on.   

This activity is much like the concept of keeping track of what you eat for a week to assess your eating habits in order to change them.  But instead of checking your eating habits, you’re checking your work habits.  It truly is an eye opener!

Remember, getting more organized, focused and productive is all about habits and not gadgets. 

Have a positively productive week!

Ideas shared by Chris Crouch, developer of the GO System training course.