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Top 10 Time Wasters – Final 2!

Here are the final 2 with specific strategies for addressing these issues:

9. Procrastination

  • Investigate, identify and take action to eliminate the reason(s) for your procrastination.  Here are eight of the primary reasons that people procrastinate:
  1. Perfectionism
  2. Fear of Failure
  3. Impulsiveness (lack of self-control)
  4. Punitive parenting (a form of rebellion)
  5. Thrill Seeking (to experience the adrenaline rush of waiting until the last minute)
  6. Task-related anxieties (task is too difficult or too boring)
  7. Unclear expectations
  8. Depression

10.  Personal Disorganization

  • Implement ideas from this blog!

Look at all 10 issues considered to be top time wasters that I have been posting over the past few weeks, pick the one the affects you and implement the strategies suggested.

Have a positively productive week!

Taken from the GO System training course, written by Chris Crouch.